The dLab offers professional development opportunities in the form of workshops, short courses, and customized events that are designed to address a specific challenge your school or organization may be facing. Contact us to arrange a discussion about how we can meet your needs.

The Experience

dLab workshops are filled with hands-on activities. Participants often work in diverse teams addressing real-life challenges that their organization is facing. Teams learn the design thinking process, including strategies to gain better empathy into a situation, how to use brainstorming to find solutions to challenges, and rapid prototyping techniques that bring solutions to reality so they can be tested and feedback can be obtained.

Participants learn how to embrace early failures as rich opportunities for creating solutions to challenges that have high promise. The process is energy-filled and highly collaborative. Get a feel for things by clicking on any image below to view a larger version.


The participants who attend our workshops feel overwhelmingly positive about their experience with us. They love the process of interacting with teammates and the fact that we push them to think creatively. Participants find that our workshops give them great opportunities to gain deeper contextual awareness of the processes they use and the problems they face. At the end of a workshop, many participants express new feelings of confidence in their ability to apply design thinking techniques to create new solutions to challenges in their workplace.

Training Offerings

These are examples of the types of educator professional development activities we offer.

  • 2 hour workshop that teaches the big principles of design thinking. This one really fires up the staff.
  • A half-day workshop on specific design thinking skills.
  • A full-day workshop on specific design thinking skills with a focus on a challenge your school, department or organization is facing.
  • 2-3 days of sessions (approximately 6 hours per day) addressing an issue or issues in your school, department or organization using design thinking.

Curriculum Integration

We’d love to collaborate with you to integrate design thinking into your school’s curriculum. If that’s of interest, let us know!

Your Ideas

If you have a specific challenge or need, contact us and we’ll tailor something for you.


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