The Hive: Creating a Learning Organization

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The Hive is the creative and technical services of the College of Arts and Sciences at the University of Kentucky. The staff members of the Hive range from specialists in online education development and support, to public relations, to programming and application development. In order to be at the forefront of each of the fields that the teams work in, the Hive staff members need ways to learn as an organization. In practice this means the Hive needs a way for all of its employees to communicate effectively, draw inspiration and information from each other, and find training tools outside of their immediate workspace.

Our design combines several of the features of the Hive daily routine, but localizes them into one seamless desktop application that can be accessed from any Hive member’s computer. We recognized the need for constant and convenient communication between the team members at the Hive and saw an opportunity to bring them all together virtually, a need driven by the fact that Hive staff are not co-located.

Our design will enable users to access chat windows, training videos, links to current projects, an online portfolio, and more. The Hive will benefit from being able to access complete portfolios of past work and the tools used to create desired effects within projects. Teams will be able to quickly communicate and new employees will be able to find their way around the different programs with the help of veteran team members.

You may learn more about the challenge, our user, and our prototypes here.