Overview of Course Offered by the dLab

The dLab currently offers a course in design thinking suitable for undergraduate and graduate students.

EDL 571 – Design Thinking in Education – 3 credit hours

Professor: John Nash, Department of Educational Leadership Studies

Design Thinking in Education is a course in which students work on challenges facing the community. The class is focused on a participatory, design thinking approach, with particular attention to the needs of project partners who offer real-life challenges for students to work on.

Students work in collaborative teams on semester-long projects in collaboration with partner organizations, field liaisons, and multi-disciplinary experts. Students are exposed to the process of human-centered design, and hone their skills in need finding, problem definition, brainstorming, prototyping, and user testing.

The course consists of hands-on labs, guest speakers, and a guided design process.

Course Goals:

  • To develop prototype solutions to heretofore intractable challenges in education.
  • To practice design thinking in a real-world context.
  • To learn the tenets of human-centered design.
  • To learn how to create hands-on prototypes.
  • To develop problem-solving and critical thinking skills.
  • To recognize the potential impact of creative thinking, design thinking and innovation in the world.

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